How to Beat the Summer Heat

With summertime here, most folks start investing in lighter clothes; others start planning for outdoor picnics and beach lounging. The scorching sun heat interferes with our moods, leading to uncomfortable ways of living at home and work places. Air conditioners are typically the ultimate solution during such times, but many people may not sustain the high energy bills at the end of every other month. The following are some of the ways to beat the summer heat, without over-relying on electricity.

Optimize Your Fans & AC Units

Optimizing your fans just means you use a temperature controller so that the fan can turn on and off automatically depending on the temperature of the room. This ensures your living space is kept at ideal cool temperatures both day and night. It is also a perfect solution to save on energy. For a ceiling fan, setting a higher speed – counter-clockwise – ensures optimum cooling.

DIY Air Conditioning

Whether you work at a commercial office or just from a home office, you can customize air conditioning within your working area. This can be achieved by freezing several bottles of water, and then place them on the floor near your feet or just place them on the desk. They emit a cool breeze that keeps the area around you cooler, and comfortable for working.

Cool Your Sheets

When the temperature at night is unbearable, and you don’t want to escalate the energy bills further by cool-bed-sheetsusing an air conditioner, cold your sheets before going to bed. This can be done by folding and putting them in plastic bags, and then place them in the freezer for about 2 hours. They will catch some cold, and probably you will beat the heat for the entire night.

Experiment With Your Windows

Windows can help you save on energy especially while in the office or at home. The hot sun rays during summer can warm your house or office, making it uncomfortable during the day. Therefore, closing the windows keeps away those rays, ensuring the house stays cool. At night, you can open the windows to allow a cooler breeze to flow because already the sun is already down.

Avoid Hot Meals & Spicy Foods

One of the ways to keep your body cool is eating spiced foods because they will make your body sweat. To achieve a faster circulation in your body system, eat spicy foods during hot summer days. Sweating cools your body, making you feel more relaxed as it dries. This is one of the biological adaptations, and it works incredibly well.

drinking-waterDrink More Water

When external temperatures are high, your body responds by sweating. This means that the body is losing more water, and therefore you need to replace the lost water by drinking more. When you drink more water, the body will also react by getting rid of the excess water through sweating. This further cools your body, hence feeling more comfortable no matter the high temperatures.

Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold shower helps your body to cool down since you have washed away the sweat from the body surface. It is an ideal method to make the skin more aerated and drier, and makes you feel cooler and comfortable.

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